life is about,honesty of beauty

and,they as well say-the beauty is in the eyes of beholder.


whichever way it takes,

a long route or a shorter en-route,

life is systemic.discrete ecology.


you smile-the world smiles with you.

you cry-the world may back be in unison with you.


this is life,

your reflections,Be honest

how you perceive,

conceive or deceive yourself.



Be sweet.


life may not long,



as you thought,

you think.




दिल है छोटा सा…….

I am happy that we are aiming higher,

We are walking the path,

We are getting the people as in family fold.

We are growing . Our commitments are deepening.

Growing in.jpg


And our team is going places . We want us all reach heights.


Let’s go by cycle tonite

Stay off the Cars

Debate is caught between odd & even. Things look like are going berserk

And in debates,  common man is stuck.

I have been thinking to myself , ‘Why we can’t just let good things happen?’  It is all right to debate  and discuss the things and make them work.

When we talk of western countries so organized,we must remember that there every citizen abides by the law & welfare measures adopted.

All it shall take is stepping out of our respective comfort zones.

Why we do not like to try?

Following it up…



Everything falls in place, when you do not give too a wide space that can be counted as vacuum. Always touch base as just like a perfectionist does to its most ordinary things. 

Meticulousness was never clumsy.It had its beauty,its charm, its grace & dexterity. And beautiful it was when carried out beautifully. Follow it up all & in its entirety, In service sector it improves the value & quality. When you are at it, make sure not to over do yourself. You are what you are, it reflects all the way in the approach you try-your personality is reflected in the process.So, it should not be a mundane activity gone haywire. 

Following up is an art & at Infiniti , we take pride in having mastered it with due diligence, patience & of course putting our hearts into it.After all, we are a blossoming creative media and advertising agency with a great liking for doing work beautifully,aesthetically & joyfully.

We believe in & celebrate par perfection excellence in our own way.



हंगामा है क्यों बरपा?

संगीत, मौसिकी कुछ ऐसा तो नहीं ,
कि किसी मुल्क की सरहदों में उसे बांध दो,
कह दो कि यह धुन प्रतिबंधित है ,
भारतीय है , पाकिस्तान से है।
बेहद आश्चर्य है कुछ अजीब सी शर्ते है।
कलाकारों को कहाँ यह बात जचती है?
यह तुम्हारी सरहदें, वो तुम्हारी यह और वो,
बस कोई एक चिंगारी जो सुलगा दे , कोई कशमकश !
कला, इन चीज़ो से परे और दूर रहती है।
यह वो नदी है जो एक बेरोक बहाव में बहती है,
सुनती नहीं है कुछ ज़रा, बोलती भी है कुछ कम।
बस देखा करती है !

Ghulam Ali Saheb

हंगामा है क्यों बरपा?

Exactly,so what was the controversy?