life is about,honesty of beauty

and,they as well say-the beauty is in the eyes of beholder.


whichever way it takes,

a long route or a shorter en-route,

life is systemic.discrete ecology.


you smile-the world smiles with you.

you cry-the world may back be in unison with you.


this is life,

your reflections,Be honest

how you perceive,

conceive or deceive yourself.



Be sweet.


life may not long,



as you thought,

you think.





the people so trusting,yet worldly.

i see with utter interest and awe,

the gypsy traits.

sprawled over by road side with their lovely ceramic ware.

i watch their men,

look at their women,

see their kids.

most importantly,

i see them as loving families.

i am seen many a times:

one with them,

in their hub.



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i love spending time with them.


next to them,


the बंजारे s

aloof and untouched

the bet part is try not putting in the essence misplaced in it.

Rather keep things simple in it.


there are momentums in life,

which are like blank at times.

Or completely full of vibes.

but,end of the day.

you are alone with yourself.

to replicate,

only your uniqueness.


this is how it the thing that is called,


the life.


and your existence.

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Honeywell (India) office

and the feeling as that is superb. and sure. for sure.

i mean, usually i am myself a very frugal kind a woman.i am more happy in the office ambience that is more like teak-wood-plants and neatly a home next after home for me.the places i have worked have been mostly as well the places i could always have this say in the place.

some fern; while i am not sure what do i eventually find in that green piece or even my participation in the basic house-keeping.i have to touch the everything,see it everyday.smell it.and if i am not taken as a psychotic, i do as well have to talk to things.

back to subject,i tagged along with Boss for this meeting. and i saw him in element. of course,i never forget the chap is Amex veteran.and corporate world is his natural skin.he got busy with the official stuff. and, i as usual was  loving the  looks of the place.

spacious,blue carpeted areas,long corridors.

i am not sure,if i am imagining it as usual or were there lovely plants too.

whatever, one day i wanted to have a place like that. fully staffed and spacious.


lovely coffee.


the only addition i might end up making to the place would be to have lots of Arts’ spread. and Boss running the show.

i might retire just hanging around the lobbies, all elegant,coffee-cookies and one small lovely place somewhere..full of light. some heavy brocade saris.

some bamboo work,table-lamps and an open door for all who would like to walk in. and may be one Mac too.

and, may be some view. birds-skies.

what all was that, i dreamt in the place all the time.

and shortly,we will be working with them.

i opened my eyes.

were they looking at me and my smiles?

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