life is about,honesty of beauty

and,they as well say-the beauty is in the eyes of beholder.


whichever way it takes,

a long route or a shorter en-route,

life is systemic.discrete ecology.


you smile-the world smiles with you.

you cry-the world may back be in unison with you.


this is life,

your reflections,Be honest

how you perceive,

conceive or deceive yourself.



Be sweet.


life may not long,



as you thought,

you think.




Weekend,the Tequila Shot

i got the hang of the word for some or the other reason, and discovered tequila shot.

i am not so as much sure but with the weekend,it is always like however busy and occupied you might be. for sure,a relaxation  settles down on its onset.

for some reason, i feel like happily taking a vacation. settle down on Goa beach.

some hot pidza stuff and nice coffee.

thus,the evening.


may be.