The Euphoria

Time passes, Time rather moves fast.You take a step or two, it still goes fast.Icons are created, talents go- chase the depth, creativity blossoms within that short span.


I suddenly became touchy for past few days as you see I am in talks with Euphoria Band to perform live in one of our events.

Dr.Palash Sen ( I just mentioned him on my face book today ) somehow did leave a grand impression on my young mind,few years back. I believe, nostalgia was to be expected of me. So, I might finally meet him in person at Euphoria performance, if that goes to be between 6-14 July,2016.


Utkal Saanskritik Samagam

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It is just like a fest with cultural orientation.

You must be there with me. July 6-14,2016.


For more details, call +91 8376013298

Or write to