three major decisions of General Bipin Rawat,COAS

i personally admire and vouch for all three.

the General has put perspectives  very crisp and clear.

the threes’ in news have been:

  • commendation card to Maj Leethul Gogoi
  • ending the periodic government military  pay-commission stand off
  • proposal to end the deployment of combatants as ‘sahayaks’

there are ways he is reaching out to the lowest rung in the hierarchy.

be it then even the internal resistance. he will do what is in the best interest of forces and country.

i read it that he clears his official bills from his own pocket mostly, mends and cleans his own uniform just like the soldier in the barrack.

He is General Bipin Rawat,UYSM,AVSM,YSM,SM,VSM Indian Army’s 27th COAS who leads and makes it known sweetly/swiftly.

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Raja Ravi Verma

somewhere down the line,i have always admired the texture and color rich call it MF Hussain or for that any bright canvas.

i seem to have an eye for the same. and somewhere down the line, i precisely understood this as well that an artiste with back ground credentials and references is always the artiste that breathes of a hint of heritage, charisma and lineage that runs in the veins.


going back to Raja Ravi Verma line, i think i did have all the reprints which are now scattered most of the places i work ,his Maharashtrian Woman is almost my all time favorite. it can be spotted right at the entry point to our office too.

and now,after writing few lines here do i understand the reason, i stare at it just with deep devotion.

may be like millions, i am Raja Ravi Verma’s paintings’ fan.



web-site development

usually,this was something i used to wonder that how magical this might be to be able to design the Midas’ touch web applications. but now, i know it is all majorly about being highly organised and sorted on the slides, then with the templates and then it is all a cake-walk with graphics.

atleast, Anurag , our IT lead gives me that sort a feeling.


you,may like to reach him:



i remember the hype that it used to be , ‘the’ Saturdays.i observed the first time that Saturdays were off with my Uncle back in young days,having Saturdays off.

slight grew up.learnt from some relatives that “Saturday” night was the trend abroad.then in corporate heard about the same.

and in my present work scenario alternate Saturdays are off.


gives  space and some nice break-Saturdays. but, certainly gone are the days when Saturday night was the concentration and focus of my life.



“कर्मणये वाधिकारस्ते मां फलेषु कदाचन । मां कर्मफलहेतुर्भू: मांते संङगोस्त्वकर्मणि” ।।


when you see,

what you want see.

your steps are your roads.

there is always a look forward,

no going back.


you must be a ‘soldier.’

our small jokes as team

usually,from my interpersonal perspective of mind i have now started a bit understanding the team how it thinks, functions.what all are our small joys and sorrows that we savor internally,the extent we can stretch and this gives me a sense of family.

e.g. and there can be many.

i would try not to word it,but as you start growing as a team a sense of family creeps in.You just start enjoying it.

Ain’t it?