the first thing, i ever i get is the panic attack when the designers look at me for inspiration.especially,on the Fauj projects.

now, what do i know how the logo must look except for the fact that it should not from here to there,or travel there to here.

it is like fight on inches of the land piece.my heart skips a beat if anything moves without precision. that is scary.

and i think,that is exactly freaking out the designer Ravinder here. He is nervous with me hovering around. he had the templates, and now,he wanted to know-how the logo and crest should come out?

yeah,the artistes need some hint,some clue to open the wings of the thoughts. i see them bloody too unworldly and happy in their lost world.

and if you look at that, i wanted to look out for some very clear ref.

i found this one. the background colors change but the 3D impact and all.


they are breaking the heads.


i can continue fixing other things.



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I AM A SOLDIER in soft disguise.But..

i am not the first person to say yes to ‘war’.


everything has to have a reason.

provocation is not something,that brings me to act.


i believe in “Krisna”

i act,when is the time to act.


i am India: a secular,democratic,socialist world power.


i am a soldier,in soft disguise.



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many a times,i have thought to myself

with my thinking,

where will i be heading to?

gross that would be.

the question,

and i would too want some answers.

and, i would be lost and exhaust.



with the severity of my questions.

and that would be the eventuality,

oddity in its stroke.


Questions are that bad.

when they prop up.



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Weekend,the Tequila Shot

i am not so as much sure but with the weekend,it is always like however busy and occupied you might be. for sure,a relaxation  settles down on its onset.

for some reason, i feel like happily taking a vacation. settle down on Goa beach.

some hot pidza stuff and nice coffee.

thus,the evening.


may be.