Yesterday, the day just flew by. Meeting people,counseling indirectly,bringing in optimism & cheer around.

Finally, I was smiling all by myself remembering my favorite Pak stand up comedian actor Umer.

I remember, it was quite a favorite past time and hugely popular amongst me & family.His might have been the only motion pictures Ma would allow me to watch with family especially with Bhai around, over lovely family dinners,crunchies to munch later  with coolers all set in verandah and ‘bakra qishton pe’ or ‘buddhaa ghar pe hai?’or any comedy enact  of his being savored by us collectively.


I never forgot the joy ‘Umer plays’ brought to my primary years of life.

You would too love him and savor his art. And if you thought we could make a fan club,do touch base sumita.jetley@c-infiniti.in







This is actually a good news for us all Maggi lovers that finally in December, it is going to be back. Most of us shall vouch for the fact that we have missed it no end. Its absence from the market was the vacuum that so far never got filled. Substitutes were there, but that authenticity of old times was a marked absence.

I think, I carried out a small conversation to my sorts of generation, people who grew up with Dairy Milk & Maggi noodles that  why we are so stuck with this? Why is that nothing matters even if ‘one with one’ free? May be something in this has to do with striking an identification?Connecting with the brand?

Sometimes happy times spent together are the times well-remembered to wade through the rough tide. I still remember the questions that were raised once Maggi got into lead overuse controversy & one fine day,it disappeared from the market shelves. Longing could be clearly seen when we all hated every ‘healthy’ brand that tried to replace it over there. Of course, who could have thought that longing could be that strong and strange?

I am told that partly it was because, we all got hooked to it during our childhood days-those golden days when cooking meant if I could cook Maggi expertly, I was an expert.Love for certain things only increases with the passing of time.Indeed!

Let us not touch the controversy part but are we in agreement that nostalgia also plays a great part in connecting with a brand? Keen to hear: