our small jokes as team

And that gives more the reason to feel at home with all the things.

usually,from my interpersonal perspective of mind i have now started a bit understanding the team how it thinks, functions.what all are our small joys and sorrows that we savor internally,the extent we can stretch and this gives me a sense of family.

e.g. and there can be many.

i would try not to word it,but as you start growing as a team a sense of family creeps in.You just start enjoying it.

Ain’t it?




Break the deal

We are enthusiastic, we are going ahead as an organization and as a team.Scenario is very different today. I remember my days in the organization when I was sitting in Administration, I still am but with more precise responsibilities lying on my being. I think, when you are at backend, you are always in a set comfort zone, you know exactly how the day is going to be likely, where you are heading, what all you shall be doing this very minute.

Fast forward, Accounts Development: You are seeing to it that your responsibilities are towards larger picture. There was a time, you were dreaming. This is the time, you are in field.So, buck stops on you. Going by the fact that we are growing and expanding rapidly, I see more responsibilities on me in coming due course of time. I am glad, I have my fabulous team behind me. I have my support system in place.

Our talented Art Directors, highly gifted Content and Copy Writers, grand Client Servicing..I mean, they make me feel confident that we will make it.Rather, they will help me make it..a beautiful,beautiful world.

For the team .jpg


I value the people who make my life so confident, vibrant when I set to achieve my professional goals. I love them all.





Work that speaks volumes

Is the work the reason where we want stick around, like a team?

Getting somewhere, some how in the teeming galore of achievements,

As a team, we are the best.


And we know this within ourselves.

If you want share this space,drop me a note at sumita.jetley@c-infiniti.in





My Imperfect Clay Pots

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Once upon a time, I decided to shop.

I decided to do it big time and by myself.

Poor shopper I am.

I got fascinated by design, structure and many other similar elements.


And realized something is wrong.

I can see the dents now.

Thanks to my excitement, I missed out these gaps.

But then, you see..

Nothing was ever perfect.




Getting Prepared to Welcome new Team Members on Board

Welcome & Most Welcome

It is a very wonderful feeling.

At Infiniti , we are a growing family happily budding and blooming.

And we are getting prepared to welcome our new colleagues who shall be on board shortly.There is nothing like ‘joy of togetherness’.

If you too wanted to be our part,drop me a note at sumita.jetley@c-infiniti.in





Tea…m Steam

Steaming Hot Tea


Sometimes, Sadness is in air.

Just everything looks like as if undergoing strain.

Look around you as I did,

there was a face so young & innocent.

It gave me hope I went back to what I was doing happily,

Sadness, was gone making space for that face,who was dreamy

& so innocent and chaste.

I could not disappoint it .




Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Wishes!.jpg






Today was Rahul’s birthday.

We love him but we loved the treat he threw more the better. Promising to make available the Birthday Snapshots soon.