is this,not at all amazing?

day, after day.


that there is a day

that there might be another day

infact may be another rather many another days


and, all ours to gather as many as sunrays


stay around

stay put



for the sake of beautiful days on your way

sweet hearts!

Diwali (cleaning and decorating)

and, this is life.

anything.and everything.


one of the very favorite and joyous tasks for me during the festival season is to deep cleanse and spend time at home.

decorating, calling on friends.

earlier,i would always prefer solitude but of recent i love sharing the happiness with dear nears.this diwali is special in my life.

i have all the love|happiness|joy.

and i want share lavish and all glass full perspectives with all my friends.

spring clean and declutter.make space to welcome home love and life.

acknowledge what i have.and live in now,this moment.

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and,enjoy myself.too


and life stays thus, inclined towards the leap of faith!

it is extremely,

a touchy and personal matter.

whom? you want give your faith.

in life, and in general everything fades away,

is a fad.

blindness still so sure.



life runs on hope.

it doesn’t hop.

has,its pace.

its structure,


but still,

people choose to rely,more on faith.


faith is always, a recluse and a matter of solicitation


and, this is what makes life so faithful,in the adversity.

i believe.







life of an artiste

creativity has its way of having things its way.

it figures out a way,an artist steers it clear of any hitch.

a blank canvas that he keeps painting,


wiping it out re-again,

and pretty again.

sort,of perfecting some thought.


vague or vain,

that shall be groomed:





thanks to his persistence,talent,skills and gifts.


not easy to be artiste,though as how it sounds,though.

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Break the deal

We are enthusiastic, we are going ahead as an organization and as a team.Scenario is very different today. I remember my days in the organization when I was sitting in Administration, I still am but with more precise responsibilities lying on my being. I think, when you are at backend, you are always in a set comfort zone, you know exactly how the day is going to be likely, where you are heading, what all you shall be doing this very minute.

Fast forward, Accounts Development: You are seeing to it that your responsibilities are towards larger picture. There was a time, you were dreaming. This is the time, you are in field.So, buck stops on you. Going by the fact that we are growing and expanding rapidly, I see more responsibilities on me in coming due course of time. I am glad, I have my fabulous team behind me. I have my support system in place.

Our talented Art Directors, highly gifted Content and Copy Writers, grand Client Servicing..I mean, they make me feel confident that we will make it.Rather, they will help me make it..a beautiful,beautiful world.

For the team .jpg


I value the people who make my life so confident, vibrant when I set to achieve my professional goals. I love them all.



Crazy this sounded when I heard this from thee,

I mean, at your age and your stature, this sounded a bit weird to me.

Moksha .jpg

If I let go the fact, ‘You are a Moksha freak!’

Well, I can’t keep myself thinking and thinking it all again and again. This weekend, I did meet a ‘Moksha freak’.All engrossed in intense thinking. Sorted out but not catalogued. That is how I would put in. This has always made me nuts to think, the young people-their ifs,buts.Their personality at times, their clarity at times and themselves. What do you think?

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