present, the past into future

aplenty still measured s-pace


there is something very conventional about the time

the whole time.

it has moods, its own power and hold

walks|mostly blind fold

has continuum and grace in its folklore


they call it tense too

the tense-at-ease is called time


the of its own type



Weaver Community

and having it done so aesthetically and professionally makes it all the more vibrant. potent.

anything which has life,i guess is very simple, it has a routine and its very simple complications. from the very first day,after getting into University, i observed,i had this weakness for aesthetics.

i would want a personal touch to everything. And that would mean my craze to get into things very instinctively and intensely and thoroughly.and with the fast track life, this is quite ruled have to be making that first and fast move.furiously.

that was not happening.

i discovered,that the process was in itself very basic.nothing comes in full realisation without a process and that is exactly where the creativity strikes.

the only difference is that the artisan doesn’t seem to have this business sense,which is alright but,why then most of us Indians are not going handloom way?

before anybody answers, i am myself the first to rethink my choices till date.

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many a times,i have thought to myself

and this is exactly what it is.

in life, just a thought.

with my thinking,

where will i be heading to?

gross that would be.

the question,

and i would too want some answers.

and, i would be lost and exhaust.



with the severity of my questions.

and that would be the eventuality,

oddity in its stroke.


Questions are that bad.

when they prop up.

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मैं ज़्यादा नहीं मांगता


Yes, there is a joy every where,where I see.

Sort of ‘Shahrukh glee’

Happiness now a days, is surrounding me.

No reasons, as such so far as what are clearly visible to me.

I like people.

I love people.

They love me.

Sometimes,joys are very basic.

I love being in love!

And I enjoy it very much like this.