And of course,free time gives more space and pace.


i remember the hype that it used to be , ‘the’ Saturdays.i observed the first time that Saturdays were off with my Uncle back in young days,having Saturdays off.

slight grew up.learnt from some relatives that “Saturday” night was the trend abroad.then in corporate heard about the same.

and in my present work scenario alternate Saturdays are off.


gives  space and some nice break-Saturdays. but, certainly gone are the days when Saturday night was the concentration and focus of my life.



Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry.gif

This must be the funniest clip I found while randomly looking for Bro Tom & Jerry. Saturday used to be the one day when our whole school at Sacred Heart would pack up and be in front of the TV Screen, just going crazy over the crazed series of events going on, over  every move of these two funny chaps.

Heavily packed lunch kits passed on shall be the trend.

I, miss Tom & Jerry and my days back at school. And I think, most of us do and most of the time that is the best time when we look back at those memories.

Do we spare time, enough to look back at our memory lanes?

Hmm…? To me, they come natural.