the melancholia, what does it do to arts

what was yet there .Questions



the grip hold on realism can too be an eye opener

the fancies doubled and doubling up,

the ‘extremes’


on the contrary an addition


versus replenished


go hand in hand



said and done

sadness grips

facts remain static


Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry.gif

This must be the funniest clip I found while randomly looking for Bro Tom & Jerry. Saturday used to be the one day when our whole school at Sacred Heart would pack up and be in front of the TV Screen, just going crazy over the crazed series of events going on, over  every move of these two funny chaps.

Heavily packed lunch kits passed on shall be the trend.

I, miss Tom & Jerry and my days back at school. And I think, most of us do and most of the time that is the best time when we look back at those memories.

Do we spare time, enough to look back at our memory lanes?

Hmm…? To me, they come natural.







Yesterday, the day just flew by. Meeting people,counseling indirectly,bringing in optimism & cheer around.

Finally, I was smiling all by myself remembering my favorite Pak stand up comedian actor Umer.

I remember, it was quite a favorite past time and hugely popular amongst me & family.His might have been the only motion pictures Ma would allow me to watch with family especially with Bhai around, over lovely family dinners,crunchies to munch later  with coolers all set in verandah and ‘bakra qishton pe’ or ‘buddhaa ghar pe hai?’or any comedy enact  of his being savored by us collectively.


I never forgot the joy ‘Umer plays’ brought to my primary years of life.

You would too love him and savor his art. And if you thought we could make a fan club,do touch base


Michael Jackson




I suddenly felt compelled to remember you Michael.

After all I have followed up with you since my very childhood.

I did read a lot,

what celebrity status did to you;

Wrong People;Wrong Choices did to you.

But you did wonders only to the Art.

Generations can feel atop when they plug in & watch you

On the Verge & Height of ecstasy when you used to perform.

Neb Sarai in news today-Community Art

For an artist, Art becomes an involvement.

There are days,which are weird.

There are days, reaching nowhere. 

There are days, of bloom. 

Phases of doom. 

But the result is always a perfect score. 

Oh! nothing is perfect if you ask him.

And that is the only perfect. You ask him.

Neb Sarai 2Neb Sarai 1

This was a very touching piece today in news, about  artists in  Neb Sarai, Delhi. Whatever be in perspective of the art, it takes a lot to be an artist;Struggles,Creative bouts go hand in hand;Creation emerges in response .So, all in the end of the day is worth it if beautiful in an artist’s eyes.

Above paintings reminded me of my Bangalore days when young Corporate Executives & artists collaborated on Street Painting Projects. Beautiful paintings under walk way bridges, lovely park walls and our well utilised Sundays.

Those were the days! Those were the times. I have a hangover till date.

Does it remind you of something of your own to share? Drop us a note.

Somebody rightly said, “Art is a difficult muse or a demanding mistress” / what was it?

Hussain Saab, Simply you were Magic

What if I saw you walking into my thoughts someday?
What if I saw you walking into my thoughts someday?

There was a mad poet one day, walking down the street.

You were passing by in your signature bare footed state.

He was working in mind,

You were working on his mind.

Hussain Saab, you were simply great.

Hoardings you painted at time,

You had no time, still & in wait.

Something,somewhat, but what was what.

Ouch! still is ongoing debate.

You went ahead,forth always at every stage.

Beyond clocked times.

Much ahead of time.

Many a times, I have sat sipping my tea and remembering you:

even after you had gained immense name & fame, you would be found sitting at the ‘Nukkadwala Chaiwala’ sipping his humble tea, smilingly.

Passion would consummate you when you would see an empty canvas,

Canvas could be any, as unconventional as that could be.



Talent….High Degree




Hussain Saab, what if I bump into you?

In my imagination.

We could talk hours & hours,

over and over.

What else can I wish today?

For you today?

Except ‘Affection’ & ‘Love’.

Do think it over, my proposal? Walk into my thoughts.


Legends are born, gone but never gone. They become the ‘wind, the aasmaan.’

We can always touch them as an invisible and abstract.

Hussain Saab has never gone anywhere but in hearts of the hearts.

He is just ‘comfortable’.

We all are feeling him still.

Our depth and steep emotions in which he lives.


Team Infiniti

To the ‘people’ who move on..

People ‘go’.
Yes, I know.
They have their ‘excuses.”
Their “dreams” and “destinations.”
We meet them “on” journey.
Here “they”go!
We let them proceed to their destination thus, 
They can stay in our “hearts” but.
Here you go, now where would you go from our hearts ?
Our best .If you missed us, just show up sometime.
This is a nicely said ‘request.’
How would you survive without ‘us?’
And ‘us?’
But all the luck! We loved/love/might love you but..
Home to come back
                                                                                    Home is where the heart is.

P.S. There have been instances when our ex-team  members have chosen to come back to the nest after tasting the freedom of different skies for a while.

They have come ‘back’ home.