managing the resources at hand

in the modern times,i think there is less of fight. when all it takes is infrastructure, brand and funds infused to run an organisation.but,having all the exterior in place where do you actually find the engaged and motivated people.


lots go into driving that force which also means that every bit that is invested into organisation is alive and thriving. so, thinking-evaluating-innovating are some of the areas where lots and lots can be done. And that is why,HR is always in lime-lite.


Club Couture

i would think to myself in the regular and running scheme of things, why of anything it would be required, as that clubbing?

indeed little bookish.little idealistic.

i was a critique for luxury. and for me clubbing was luxury.



Out look, today i think clubbing is an earned luxury and a personal space.

And the space can be shared if i like to share.

now, i sort of like the unison.

and my changed take.