‘teachers’ are nests

it is about how you perceive



offering what they have to give

every opportunity they produce for the kids

for the field

open to learn


balanced people

these ‘teachers’


To,Teachers! With Love,





A Note to my Teacher

This one is the note I am leaving here for my grandparents who both were talented teachers of their times.While I was growing up,they had by then retired as Head master/mistress of a Govt Higher Secondary School after making sure my father and his siblings had the best education, in best organisations.

As them being my grandparents, I would have had a much more to say about them than just these few instances but at this present platform where we all are sharing memory berths of our teachers.I would touch up my fine moments with them teaching me, without my knowing.

You would all agree that it is very difficult to keep the toddlers engaged especially when they are bright, quiet and sensitive. I remember,my mother losing patience & hope over me but my grand father spoiling me with all the interesting stories recited in his sing song voice, teaching me alphabetics using old fashioned ‘तख्ती ‘,feeding me raisins and giving me swing rides in the air,dragging me all over markets in a buggy-showing me around.Again stories were part of my growing up with him.

Then, my grandmother who not only taught me initially, but made me trained in Arts & Crafts during my University years to learn the things from a very special perspective. Infact,there is a joke that I inherited all genes from my father’s end whether a fine handwriting, natural love for poetry & patience with the time that goes into learning.Reality is, I don’t say that they might have done anything different than the other grandparents of the day but may be that was the ‘teacher’ in them that made it do them all this very so differently.There was this deliberate input of love with every bit soaked into making me imagine,question & feel the learning. I have them in my foundation of my learning-my scholarly,loving,lovely grandparents.

This is to the two of them, with all my love:

This was your love,
This was your intention,
This was your gift,

That I learnt to learn.

You used to sing to me:

टाली तेरे बच्चे , टक टुनो टुनो ,
मिह औसि तेह भिज , जाोसन टक टुनो टुनो टक टुनो टुनो…

which meant,

Oh Great Tree! Your kids. ( Tak Tuno Tuno )
If It rains, they would drench. ( Tak Tuno Tuno, Tak Tuno Tuno)

I remember, my innocent naughty giggles at the chorus Tak Tuno Tuno, Tak Tuno Tuno,
And next day, I would not even figure out,
I would sing this all day & write happily the alphabets in sun ,all day.

And one day, it will rain.
You will get Mom get me treats with my tea with you.
And we, three in the verandah would sing..

Tak Tuno Tuno, Tak Tuno Tuno.

My dreamy eyes, still see those rains,
that verandah,
that steaming tea,
those heavy rains,

Moisture laden breezes,

And you sensitizing me to life,
by just asking me imagine the baby birds.

I have never felt same,after that one.

I miss you, my teachers in life – you two, mine ones.

If you have felt same way, at some point in life that teachers are just not the ones you meet in the schools or colleges but they could be your family members who got you initiated in the beautiful process of leaning,we are here to hear your thoughts at :



We all have a child in us , We are all a possibility.
We all have a child in us , We are all a possibility.

Swami in Malgudi Days