A Beautiful Day in make

Flowers in Make .jpg

As the sun rises,

The mind rises towards new heights.

a ‘Sun rise’ of its own kind.


As the bird sings,

The mind too sings the ‘songs’

A ‘Joy’ of its own kind.

All said and done, life is nothing but a ‘joyous mind!’

And it is completely up to us to live that ‘state’ in mind.


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My Imperfect Clay Pots

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Once upon a time, I decided to shop.

I decided to do it big time and by myself.

Poor shopper I am.

I got fascinated by design, structure and many other similar elements.


And realized something is wrong.

I can see the dents now.

Thanks to my excitement, I missed out these gaps.

But then, you see..

Nothing was ever perfect.




Happiness Will Find You!

Sometimes waiting is worth it.jpg

If you let it be, but embrace it to be.

There is a chance , my love that happiness shall find you.

Happiness is also a strange phenomenon.

Very Very Impersonal but very Individual.

Difficult to trace & trail though.


Special ability/Disability

What ever the name can be changed, the essence of the things never change.Your attitude doesn’t change, my pain doesn’t change.

There have been times, your insensitivity to everything that is me has caused me a silent grief, I have not shown repulsion to any of that. Pain in silence, I have borne in peace.

There have been times, I have lain low. There were sneers that were there to take in my stride. I have killed myself to prove a point-my being different had never been my mistake.

sudha Chandran

I have smiled braving my tears at times,

I have cried behind my smiles at times,

I have lived the life,

Different & Differently.

But I am never indifferent altogether to your indifference too.

Struggle is twice altogether in life in a specially abled one’s life:

To prove a point differently;

To make a point differently;

Brave the oddities differently;

Smile despite several oddities.

These people do not need special opportunities to prove themselves.But dignity enough to fit in parameters of society gracefully.Do your bit. Give them a reason to feel that way-

They were born or are different because they shall do things ‘differently.’

Their Smiles are perceived differently,

Their Spirits soar differently.

They are not any different than rest of masses,

when you say, they are gifted differently.

But inspire them make that difference ‘differently’.

Do not look at them as if people from another planet.

Do not whisper so silently your generalizations till you know you are to handle these people sensitively.

You never know,what it is to live ‘differently.’


Well, I have never seen a reason myself to champion the cause of specially abled people  for I always thought that this is mental toughness which end of the day helps them survive the oddities of life. I have hated any extra efforts in the direction to make life less difficult for being a specially abled person. But now after coming to this stage of life where I have done enough to keep me going in mind,heart,soul-materialism. I have suddenly realized that not every specially abled person is Sudha Chandran,the diva who bore the grinding pain but got into performing arts with the amputated limb or Beethoven, who composed great symphonies even having gone deaf himself during his career or Prof.Stephen Hawkings , great Physicist diagnosed with ALS, a form of Motor Neurone Disease.

Prof Hawkings

In every day life too we come across people who have had a challenging life but never got that feel of that blessing which nature never forgets to pour in when it takes away one faculty.I still won’t say that spoon feeding or over protection does that wonder.I would rather say, “Empower the mind” to “never mind” the oddities & keep living with “enough dignity” & “beauty.”

I was reading about an NGO back in Bengaluru sheltering 140+ specially abled girls & making them independent.I have also seen people who have had heart & homes open to the cause & suddenly I felt road was not alone.There were companions walking the scroll.

At Infiniti, we are equal opportunity employees. We try to include variations in our team, sensitize the team enough to respect the ‘different’ what is there with the colleagues.But at the same time include them as part of mainstream.

We can be our natural self-

Kind & thoughtful ever to avoid

Questions so silent,that sting


Straight from heart


A ‘personality’ is a reality inside out.

You can have a golden heart with

Stern glance.

But as a person,

Always stay true from heart.

Life moves on, incidents go off.

Hurts do stay, life as long

If ‘Sensitivities’ amiss or

for that ‘a recall from heart.’


Is n’t it true that our words & behaviors have lasting impressions?



Picture courtesy: Taj