Kashmir-Why You?

I am seeing everyday, you get into something or the other.

Why is it that your natives forget where there loyalty must rest?

I am not asking you a humanitarian question here,

I am raising a very simple question here.

Is a good militant/a bad militant any different than ‘a militant?’

My country is not a fragment,you are our part.

Why is that you still behave apart?

You end up burning yourself on some or the other issue,

which has least relevance when patriotism is concerned,

a simple life is concerned.

Do I care as a loyal citizen of my country if we preserve our border,

our internal security at the cost of few lost souls?

I,actually do not. My priorities are set right.

I am not confused and the one to lose sight.

Put some sense in the youth over there.

What are they losing their lives over?

I thought, youth loved to live,let live.

So,tell me what is the wrong?

And, please stay away from getting ‘controversial’ every then and now.

We love you but we love our national integrity first & last.

Stay peaceful , please.

Stay sane,too.

There is no tomorrow,if you have your today as past three days.

Come back and reflect.

Violence must be stopped at your place.

We are crying silent tears, with you though.

But, our tears are not our fears.

We want you to figure out right/ wrong.

We’ll stand by you in that, for sure.

Stop crying for wrong reasons though.

However harsh, this sounds for now.

I said it,on your behalf..to you, Kashmir.


Losing to Find what?

* A complete thought process is mine.sumita.jetley@c-infiniti.in