life is about,honesty of beauty

and,they as well say-the beauty is in the eyes of beholder.


whichever way it takes,

a long route or a shorter en-route,

life is systemic.discrete ecology.


you smile-the world smiles with you.

you cry-the world may back be in unison with you.


this is life,

your reflections,Be honest

how you perceive,

conceive or deceive yourself.



Be sweet.


life may not long,



as you thought,

you think.




Rajasthan Tourism:Placed to be Happening

and the tourism sprawl is more literal,more on the lines of hospitality and service.

More on the lines of industry.

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a fascinating and an aesthetic place,

where culture celebrates.





Looking forward to work on this,a project.

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being a trained teacher by profession,i always have weakness for my students. i can fight for them like hell.Stand by them,and make sure-learning happens.

i had always respectfully looked at this institute while i was studying and was pursuing my career and education.i hate acquiring information through the resources or references. mine knowing a person,or a project has to come through intuition,through readings,interactions  and after i have completely gotten into intense sentiment with the whole idea and the concept,i commit.

i have a huge respect and association with the scholarly circle. i love understanding the learning process. So,now i am getting into working with these IITians on a project.and these are young students,lovely human beings and i am looking forward hearing them, sitting and dilly dallying with them,because that is the beauty of youth.

they are in present.they are the future.

isn’t it?


and,this was crucial now

significantly life takes a turn for good.when priorities sealed.

whatever that you call it, in any way you form it. going by the facts,features and brilliance there will always be a chance that you’ll end up calling every bit of it: somehow crucial.

the every bit becomes crucial,

the every hit becomes crucial.

and that means,the word crucial is too in its senses,

very crucial.

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