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Marketing बोले तोह —

Marketing is more about sensory appeal.What you talk requires a pinch of realism spiced with chutzpah so that it takes its place amongst the preferences of the segment. Of late I have observed that marketing is more of instinct these … Continue reading

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Break the deal

We are enthusiastic, we are going ahead as an organization and as a team.Scenario is very different today. I remember my days in the organization when I was sitting in Administration, I still am but with more precise responsibilities lying … Continue reading

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My Imperfect Clay Pots

Once upon a time, I decided to shop. I decided to do it big time and by myself. Poor shopper I am. I got fascinated by design, structure and many other similar elements. Bought. And realized something is wrong. I … Continue reading

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Yesterday, the day just flew by. Meeting people,counseling indirectly,bringing in optimism & cheer around. Finally, I was smiling all by myself remembering my favorite Pak stand up comedian actor Umer. I remember, it was quite a favorite past time and … Continue reading

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पंचवर्षीय योजना & our ‘Sonu’

  I usually sit quietly soaking in the joy of being the part of Infiniti team. Oh yeah, we enjoy ourselves quite officially & highly professionally. Ummhh… let’s say for example, Sonu happily and zealously treads the tight rope coordinating … Continue reading

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Intolerance -With/ By/ Whom?

  You just said it today, Mr. Kapoor,”Why as a country we have tolerance for more dire issues rather than bothering with Awards returned as a mark of protest against increasing intolerance?” You have a blooming point there. Frankly speaking  we … Continue reading

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यह बेचारा काम के बोझ का मारा

There was this very interesting discussion I had regarding ‘Donkey Workers’ & ‘Smart Workers’ yesterday evening.   A: Why , what’s the wrong being meticulous & perfectionist? B: Nothing, just that means you are a ‘Donkey Worker’. A: Hmm.. what … Continue reading

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