web-site development

having a strong research and insight on the product helps.and that means , as a team much goes when the project is in conceptual stage.

usually,this was something i used to wonder that how magical this might be to be able to design the Midas’ touch web applications. but now, i know it is all majorly about being highly organised and sorted on the slides, then with the templates and then it is all a cake-walk with graphics.

atleast, Anurag , our IT lead gives me that sort a feeling.


you,may like to reach him:



Is Advertising a freaking glamorous job?

Now,this was yesterday.

I was freaking sitting,sipping a stupid cup of tea with an acquaintance back home. I was freaked out.

First thing was our dinner date had gotten messed up because of our busy structured life. Then, I realised, I was being observed and watched for my answers.

Freaking tea was bad..bad…bad and I was mad.mad..mad. I kept composure as how the training goes and experience teaches.

I was freaking tired at that.

Suddenly, from nowhere we started talking how the marketing functions in the backend. The freaking style,show buzz, creativity,blah…blah freaking sort quips.

For one moment,i smiled and jumped heartily into this discussion adding inputs from my end.i realised, i loved how the words sounded on my tongue :the likes of maddening schedule, freaked out tempers,creative imagination, idealistic ideas.

Coffee……………and c…r..aazy.

I personally know behind crazy creative work,there are lovely people.

Mad about God knows what!

That is my one word for Advertising world.




kya khas hai? 

Marketing बोले तोह —


Marketing is more about sensory appeal.What you talk requires a pinch of realism spiced with chutzpah so that it takes its place amongst the preferences of the segment. Of late I have observed that marketing is more of instinct these days. Somehow, even I pick up random objects when I am sitting in some mood.So, I think now I know through learning that we must keep communicating for the brand in different picture through various angles.

Oh!I jotted these notes as you see there is a project coming up that to me sounded very bizarre concept but now it is up to how we would throw in research & grit to position the brand. So, I think next few days would be crazy and hooked to work station.

I will keep you posted.




Day by Day..

Everyday, I wove the thread ,

Everyday I dreamt.

And then I dream.



I do like to dream.

Dreamingly, I want gaze straight in the eyes of my Dream

To realise it.

Is n’t it be delicious and grand to dream?

Having a dream to dream?




A Beautiful Day in make

Flowers in Make .jpg

As the sun rises,

The mind rises towards new heights.

a ‘Sun rise’ of its own kind.


As the bird sings,

The mind too sings the ‘songs’

A ‘Joy’ of its own kind.

All said and done, life is nothing but a ‘joyous mind!’

And it is completely up to us to live that ‘state’ in mind.


This sounds true to me. If to you too, do not hesitate drop me a note here : sumita.jetley@c-infiniti.in









यह बेचारा काम के बोझ का मारा


There was this very interesting discussion I had regarding ‘Donkey Workers’ & ‘Smart Workers’ yesterday evening.


A: Why , what’s the wrong being meticulous & perfectionist?

B: Nothing, just that means you are a ‘Donkey Worker’.

A: Hmm.. what that means, B?

B: Ahh,they go on & on till they reach a level to bring that perfect level. Smart workers are there to steal the lime lite & credit.

A: Hmm, but who is preferred on every day basis?

B:Both complement the balance. And both are happy in their orbits.


Frankly speaking, my personal sympathies lie with donkey workers.Oh God! They look so ‘Cinkara’ & so ‘interestingly’ boring but they enjoy day to day work, they love trying new ways to stay rooted to the everyday realities.And, yes they are to be valued for the authenticity they bring to any organization with their diligence & exhaustive efforts. Are you getting my point?

Rome was not built in a day.

Now smart workers are fun to work with. They are actually supposed to be the driving force. With their ideas, their versatility, they are superb in their own right.  I think, I agree that we need them both with their original traits.


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