life is about,honesty of beauty

and,they as well say-the beauty is in the eyes of beholder.


whichever way it takes,

a long route or a shorter en-route,

life is systemic.discrete ecology.


you smile-the world smiles with you.

you cry-the world may back be in unison with you.


this is life,

your reflections,Be honest

how you perceive,

conceive or deceive yourself.



Be sweet.


life may not long,



as you thought,

you think.




Writing is an expression, not just an impression.

Writing is a very multi-dimensional art. At one point of time you have everything that you can express, and at the very next point,surety of facts completely leaves you point-blank.

It is like 'magic of words!'
It is like ‘magic of words!’

A writer’s life can be a life written on the norms & nerves of immense intensity.

What catches his fancy is completely incomprehensible, unexpected. But at the same time, it is transportation to another world.

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