दिल है छोटा सा…….

I am happy that we are aiming higher,

We are walking the path,

We are getting the people as in family fold.

We are growing . Our commitments are deepening.

Growing in.jpg


And our team is going places . We want us all reach heights.





This is mine..mine..Sunday

A Sunday has its blessings.

You see, all the candy in the world.

Dandiest of all the dandies in the world.

I remember,what Sunday meant to me till that.

Beautiful Sunday

A little more sleep here and there.

Then a more sleep a bit more there.

A Book or two, here and there.

A bite into ‘Rava Idli’


So,here today Sunday here?


Mine..Mine…Beautiful Sunday


My Imperfect Clay Pots

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Once upon a time, I decided to shop.

I decided to do it big time and by myself.

Poor shopper I am.

I got fascinated by design, structure and many other similar elements.


And realized something is wrong.

I can see the dents now.

Thanks to my excitement, I missed out these gaps.

But then, you see..

Nothing was ever perfect.





Yesterday, the day just flew by. Meeting people,counseling indirectly,bringing in optimism & cheer around.

Finally, I was smiling all by myself remembering my favorite Pak stand up comedian actor Umer.

I remember, it was quite a favorite past time and hugely popular amongst me & family.His might have been the only motion pictures Ma would allow me to watch with family especially with Bhai around, over lovely family dinners,crunchies to munch later  with coolers all set in verandah and ‘bakra qishton pe’ or ‘buddhaa ghar pe hai?’or any comedy enact  of his being savored by us collectively.


I never forgot the joy ‘Umer plays’ brought to my primary years of life.

You would too love him and savor his art. And if you thought we could make a fan club,do touch base sumita.jetley@c-infiniti.in




Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Wishes!.jpg






Today was Rahul’s birthday.

We love him but we loved the treat he threw more the better. Promising to make available the Birthday Snapshots soon.