Quit India Movement

and,we must live together as family,ever after.

Ever.United.and Diverse.


we need some inqalab.


we need some purpose.


we need a dream of ‘swarajya’.

there are no rulers now.

India is today a slave to indecision,futility and …its own rulers.


we need some inqalab.


we need some purpose.


we need a dream of ‘swarajya.

“where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”.


we need a sensible,selfless voice to fight.

against,no body in particular.

but,to give us a purpose,

give us a pride of being called,

an Aryan,an Indian.

The quit India movement is now about making India, the glorious country of democracy,corruption and malice free.

A Secular,Sovereign,Democratic,Republic Country.





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in Harmony, we flow

there is no other way for us. we make it together.we survive, and thrive.

By nature.

as a nation.

we are different.

but we are just alike.

in our joys-sufferings.

our diversities.

something always keeps us bind.


our indian-ness.

may be.


Rapid Action Force.jpg


we actually do not mind.


because in heart we have clarity.

We are “Aryans”.

And that is it.

our USP.




स्वतंत्रता दिवस- एक और भिन्न आकाश, एक नव-उड़ान, एक नया अहसास

देश एक जज़्बात नहीं, एक ख्वाब है.

देश केवल एक आधार नहीं,
एक सक्षम स्वीकार है।

देश महज़ एक  ख्वाब नहीं ,
एक यथार्थ है।
देश  धड़कन है, देश एक आबाद ज़िन्दगी का संबल है ,
देश व्यक्तित्व का दर्पण है,
देश खुद  में एक व्यक्तित्व है।
आभास और नेतृत्व है।
शायद परिभाषा में बाँध पाना ‘देश’ को कठिन है।
स्वतंत्रता दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में आप सब को इन्फिनिटी परिवार की ओर से शुभकामनाये।