Some unsaid words

and may be some unsung words.instances.



अखां रौंदिया , बे के चुप कर के तकदीया उडीका
एहो ही वर्गा होंदा होयेगा कोई इश्क़े दा जज़्बात।
and the thought travels,
on the escalation modus operandi.

many a times,i have thought to myself

and this is exactly what it is.

in life, just a thought.

with my thinking,

where will i be heading to?

gross that would be.

the question,

and i would too want some answers.

and, i would be lost and exhaust.



with the severity of my questions.

and that would be the eventuality,

oddity in its stroke.


Questions are that bad.

when they prop up.

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