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and having it done so aesthetically and professionally makes it all the more vibrant. potent.

anything which has life,i guess is very simple, it has a routine and its very simple complications. from the very first day,after getting into University, i observed,i had this weakness for aesthetics.

i would want a personal touch to everything. And that would mean my craze to get into things very instinctively and intensely and thoroughly.and with the fast track life, this is quite ruled out.you have to be making that first and fast move.furiously.

that was not happening.

i discovered,that the process was in itself very basic.nothing comes in full realisation without a process and that is exactly where the creativity strikes.

the only difference is that the artisan doesn’t seem to have this business sense,which is alright but,why then most of us Indians are not going handloom way?

before anybody answers, i am myself the first to rethink my choices till date.



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web-site development

having a strong research and insight on the product helps.and that means , as a team much goes when the project is in conceptual stage.

usually,this was something i used to wonder that how magical this might be to be able to design the Midas’ touch web applications. but now, i know it is all majorly about being highly organised and sorted on the slides, then with the templates and then it is all a cake-walk with graphics.

atleast, Anurag , our IT lead gives me that sort a feeling.


you,may like to reach him:



Add ‘beauty’ and ‘style’ to interiors……



to prepare test fits, lease outline drawings, interior design drawings for in-house fit-outs, prepare simple site fit layouts, review tenant fit-out proposals, co-ordinate and manage land-lord and tenant fit-outs, initiate contractor and consultant identification program.


With good corresponding educational credentials, you must be fluent with auto cad, Google sketch-up, 3d and photo-shop ; impressive in communication –verbal and written skills, presentable and a well turned out persona.

Interior Design 3

1-2 years in a good interior design consultancy is an add on. 

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