it is all about the good team work,end of the day,in general and for all the organisations.

…are like,war cries uttered.

they are, like aggression.

back-end discussions.




and learning.


to re-apply,

the learning.

back to.




i had my baptism in this word,during our world war 1 (100 years) -commemoration (TRIBUTE TO INDIAN SOLDIERS’ GALLANTRY,BRAVERY,SACRIFICE and COURAGE.

the slide in image is when,Indian Soldiers fought with allies,in Greece.


and in marketing,we always have our Brand Campaigns.


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web-site development

having a strong research and insight on the product helps.and that means , as a team much goes when the project is in conceptual stage.

usually,this was something i used to wonder that how magical this might be to be able to design the Midas’ touch web applications. but now, i know it is all majorly about being highly organised and sorted on the slides, then with the templates and then it is all a cake-walk with graphics.

atleast, Anurag , our IT lead gives me that sort a feeling.


you,may like to reach him:

Coffee Table Book

Three things matter.

Concept,Images and Coffee.

what i understood from my point of view. i mean today, in the meetings and all there are times that people have questions for me.

“hey,Sumita what is this coffee table book about”?

so, there is a sweet irritating smile in my heart.


for me it is just some cookies and gyrating tasty coffee.i remember,i can’t think it any less. this was when we went for AWWA meeting.


i was fascinated and my imagination was running awry.

the weird ideas, i mean all was a stuff, like from the sun to the moon, nothing was there which i would not think of, i even thought of brass candle lamps and had logics to explain why that and what was it doing what it was doing there till they shut me up within the team.


no value for my valuable thoughts?




Marketing बोले तोह —


Marketing is more about sensory appeal.What you talk requires a pinch of realism spiced with chutzpah so that it takes its place amongst the preferences of the segment. Of late I have observed that marketing is more of instinct these days. Somehow, even I pick up random objects when I am sitting in some mood.So, I think now I know through learning that we must keep communicating for the brand in different picture through various angles.

Oh!I jotted these notes as you see there is a project coming up that to me sounded very bizarre concept but now it is up to how we would throw in research & grit to position the brand. So, I think next few days would be crazy and hooked to work station.

I will keep you posted.