our small jokes as team

And that gives more the reason to feel at home with all the things.

usually,from my interpersonal perspective of mind i have now started a bit understanding the team how it thinks, functions.what all are our small joys and sorrows that we savor internally,the extent we can stretch and this gives me a sense of family.

e.g. and there can be many.

i would try not to word it,but as you start growing as a team a sense of family creeps in.You just start enjoying it.

Ain’t it?




Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Wishes!.jpg






Today was Rahul’s birthday.

We love him but we loved the treat he threw more the better. Promising to make available the Birthday Snapshots soon.




Birthday Greetings, with all our Best wishes.

Happy Birthday

Actually, we mean it, Anup.
You bring ‘culture’ with you.
Oh yeah, Bong Culture-
sort of that intellectual charm and grace about you.
We are fascinated, that you are part of us.
We are happy that you share & celebrate with us.
You are a special part of us,
Warm Birthday Greetings, from all us.
Team InfinitiĀ