cheer|my favorites


there was something about few ads

since my young days,

i love seeing them|atleast every festive season

just to give me some kick


now|this above was my all time favorite which would inspire me to pick up brush..

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diwali cheer!

lots and lots of fun|emotion

cheer around doing rounds

perception and perspectives|


festivals round the corner

happy beams

nothing could get better as this.


the moment

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martyrs:leave me heart-broken

i try.

sound strong.

i am knot.

when i sit around|talk with them.

i treasure|the moments

as i am aware|one of them

might be chosen next

the one to answer

call of service.i lose my heart.

thinking quiet


i | become more quiet

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the flow of heart, is an urge to comply and bring in more of gratitude|

work|| the compassion

so selfless and still abundant.


as much as Mother Teresa

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suddenly,i was lining of the system gives such a world class feeling.and,this is exactly how i thought while we were brainstorming the flyers|revision.

work in progress.

SPEC Health Care Portal Flyer-4C's (revised).jpg

out of curiosity, i logged in the web-address.

and, i felt good!

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Corporate Social Responsibility

there are days,altogether when i keep debating with myself that somewhere,deep down a give back to the society is imp.

water colour images.jpg

little word of kindness,little deeds of joy

makes a world full in rejoice.

and,of course the degrees of engagement and involvement may vary. even, a small bit to start with|shall do.

i have started teaching imran for half an hour|off work hours.

and, i do am feeling good|about it|the concept:

being responsible to self|surroundings as part corporate social responsibility

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the expressions are artistic and they are there.

just theĀ himalayas

candid|widespread|so artisan


spread of senses

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