And,the kid is sweet. I was thinking what was he thinking when he visited the Chabad House today.


i  do not know really why but i have been now thinking constantly about “Moshe”

i am not sure

but somehow i find this kid very sweet.simple.innocently cute


would not forget 2008,Nov 26 was it?

not because i was scared.

but because i was heart broken.

for this kid.for my favorite Taj brand, the Leopold Cafe

where i had sat sipping Irani teas one month long when i took treatment at Breach Candy,2001.

i had cried back in Bangalore thinking of Chawpatti, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

and i had cried more and more for Moshe.(2008)

today,when i saw him smiling i cried more


this child lost all he had on that fateful day

mercilessly the ruffians slain his parents

what was his mistake.

and i am pleased. Moshe has come.

He wants to come back, same place and house as Rabbi

Moshe must be an exceptional kid.

he is actually.


Welcome to your home, Moshe!



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