Honeywell (India) office

i mean, usually i am myself a very frugal kind a woman.i am more happy in the office ambience that is more like teak-wood-plants and neatly a home next after home for me.the places i have worked have been mostly as well the places i could always have this say in the place.

some fern; while i am not sure what do i eventually find in that green piece or even my participation in the basic house-keeping.i have to touch the everything,see it everyday.smell it.and if i am not taken as a psychotic, i do as well have to talk to things.

back to subject,i tagged along with Boss for this meeting. and i saw him in element. of course,i never forget the chap is Amex veteran.and corporate world is his natural skin.he got busy with the official stuff. and, i as usual was  loving the  looks of the place.

spacious,blue carpeted areas,long corridors.

i am not sure,if i am imagining it as usual or were there lovely plants too.

whatever, one day i wanted to have a place like that. fully staffed and spacious.


lovely coffee.


the only addition i might end up making to the place would be to have lots of Arts’ spread. and Boss running the show.

i might retire just hanging around the lobbies, all elegant,coffee-cookies and one small lovely place somewhere..full of light. some heavy brocade saris.

some bamboo work,table-lamps and an open door for all who would like to walk in. and may be one Mac too.

and, may be some view. birds-skies.

what all was that, i dreamt in the place all the time.

and shortly,we will be working with them.

i opened my eyes.

were they looking at me and my smiles?

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