Is Advertising a freaking glamorous job?

Now,this was yesterday.

I was freaking sitting,sipping a stupid cup of tea with an acquaintance back home. I was freaked out.

First thing was our dinner date had gotten messed up because of our busy structured life. Then, I realised, I was being observed and watched for my answers.

Freaking tea was bad..bad…bad and I was mad.mad..mad. I kept composure as how the training goes and experience teaches.

I was freaking tired at that.

Suddenly, from nowhere we started talking how the marketing functions in the backend. The freaking style,show buzz, creativity,blah…blah freaking sort quips.

For one moment,i smiled and jumped heartily into this discussion adding inputs from my end.i realised, i loved how the words sounded on my tongue :the likes of maddening schedule, freaked out tempers,creative imagination, idealistic ideas.

Coffee……………and c…r..aazy.

I personally know behind crazy creative work,there are lovely people.

Mad about God knows what!

That is my one word for Advertising world.

kya khas hai? 

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