Missed Blog

Usually that doesn’t happen. I am pest for routine. And yesterday was like,very absent-mindedly i missed up on the religion. I wrote a blog officially but it got mixed up with the personal one,i write besides.

Today,first time,I thanked my stars that i was never a writer. They are forgetful or what i of late realised is that they miss out freaking ground realities in the sway of words.i mean i follow up on the everyday scroll so never have that luxury to edit,think and comprehend what i wrote or write,or would write.

i leave it raw in its solitude just however it wants to later reveal itself.

Now,why have i started all that?

Oh no my God!


i am/not a writer.

But,i am forgetting things.And feeling guilty.

How to Drive  a Writer Crazy by L. Ron Hubbard

But,I shall definitely read this.


Or remember to post this,one on-going writing?





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