Brigadier BC Pande Assam Regiment

Everything sounded very fine e.g. all the facts during my initial home work for Border Security Forces. Things like a significant no of personnel BSF contributes to UN every year; that it remained on the heights of the mountains and defended the integrity of the country with all the might at its command in unison with the Indian Army during Kargil war; IS responsibilities it shoulders in Manipur, and so many other significant roles BSF plays as a para military force.

But,this was quite I wanted to check out : Brigadier BC Pande aka Papa Pande’s connection. Because for me, he is the father of Assam Regiment. How was he associated with BSF?

The very Padma Shree Brigadier BC Pande symbolised the definition of Regimental passion and ‘Josh’.

Commissioned in 1940, he had an enviable career in Indian Army and many nation building assignments. Graduate of Staff College Course in Quetta in 1945-46, he was posted in 1946 as the first Indian Brigade Major in 43 Lorried Brigade, and in 1947 as the first Indian General Staff Officer Grade-1 in 26 Infantry Division. He commanded 3rd Battalion the Assam Regiment from August 53 to September 55 and The Assam Regimental Centre from September 55 to September 58. He was Colonel of the Assam Regiment from November 62 to June 70.

To my surprise, I discovered that he had headed BSF Academy too at some point and under his able guidance alongwith IPS  KF Rustamji, the then DG of BSF , the foundation stone of BSF Senior Secondary School building was laid down on 5th April 1972.

Sometimes I wonder, how dynamic the services make the personalities of officers.


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  1. Brigadier Pandey was instrumental in the creation of the NDA Campus in Khadakvasla Pune and BSF Academy at Tekanpur. He was posted in both of these locations and oversaw the creation of these two prestigious training establishments.

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