International Marketing

Anything you want do branding and make its strong international following. A lot goes into it.Of late,I have noticed that it is more like sweating in the background,doing the ground work and being very critical of what you do.

Now,e.g. at the backend some research is on for our medical tourism venture and the team is crazily studying the different packages they want put together and show case. It is fun.

Nah, I have no direct role in this but, I had my share of humor and laughter in place.I mean, the guys were researching cost comparisons for some packages to be offered,and here we were analysing and actually getting not much anywhere.


And,I reflected on this when we disengaged for a cup of tea.I think,I had a point:

During the Brand Building, it is as how well you can sell the brand,the product follows.Cost effectiveness matters to a large extent but there is a consumer base for every product.The management of Brand has to be done very creatively,effectively and purposefully.

Passion drives the campaign.Campaigns deliver a Brand

Usually,critical and intelligent neutral way works.

Marketing is about Heartening,nationally/internationally.


And I slipped back to continue our discussions feeling better.


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