Some Tea Time,with team

Saturday,at a point when most of the time people are in hurry to reach home,I looked at our young team.

All smiles and sitting next to me engrossed in their assignment.I could not resist.

I could not resist,I had to propose tea and chat with them.See that they see the world for sometime from my eyes. In our small snatch of conversation we decided we all want to go to Sariska Wild life Sanctuary and at a point want to make our office more lovelier than what it is today.

I think,mobilizing the aspirations of a young team to constructive pyramid is like achieving a motivational outcome for self too.Leadership means taking responsibility to inspire the aspirations and much more.

So,finally we have decided to go to that Sanctuary and beautify our office this weekend and next off weekend happily and I am glad I chatted with them and they were part of our small conversation,off records.


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