Tea time


What is so special about snacks? I think,I must actually be the right person to ask so because i love them more than anything else.Sometimes,snacking is like distraction, and sometimes it is like you do need that bite to sort and clarify your thoughts. I am one of those very few people, downed one cup of tea and a bite into cookie makes my mind work clearer and relaxed.This was the habit, I inherited from my ex-Boss, who kept me loaded with cookie boxes and tea cups besides his generous work chemistry and obsession with perfection.You would slog but never be cookie short.

I remember,it is now a standard habit of mine to think about him,when I look around and there are cookie boxes and ample cups of tea.

Some people and some cookies are difficult to be lost track of like these two, down in my life. I am sure, all of us have our personal tea time stories to share.

Feel free,



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