Somewhere, yesterday there was a strong argument I faced from a good friend. Sort of lecture. I do not blame my friends when they just want to make me feel loved and cherished. Yes, this happens.

I must say, every workaholic at some strange one that spur of time finds himself figuring out what is going on in life.Initially, when dragged out of habit, there is a denial.And then , of course friends prefer leaving this breed alone.But still, few people as me are lucky that we always have loyal few people in life who still try and keep us sane and earthly.

So, of late I value those people in my life and humour them by tagging along when asked to but I confess I can’t switch off this easy. For me, it is hell lot of effort to not admit, I am workaholic by nature.Nothing gives me a high till my fingers tap the keyboard keys, I see my Chai hours in office, I smell the mind and soul of the office, I touch every bit there, Everyday there, my thoughts scatter if something or somebody comes in between.

Do not you think this is slight one degree more than sheer workaholism?  But definition stays still bit narrow.

I say, I agree ..this must be unnatural or insane but then no addiction is sane. It is okay to carry on?


What do you say?


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