To, Sir With our Love




And, how does it sound if we say it is unbound? 
when we look back , 
there are no traces of ours .
We look blank. 
It is ‘you’
who fills up those colors which we see at times.
We have put our trust in you. 
Because we know, 
It is ‘You’.
So,stay how you are, 
what you are.
We ‘ll be there for you, 
As you are for us. 
Years & Years shall pass on. 
Time slides will pass on, 
We will have our minds, 
We might do our minds. 
Minds-are mindless.
But, you be there for us.
So, we wish you a long life, 
a happy life, 
Sort of : 
Miles to go, 
Before sleep. 
I am sure, I have made you smile, 
See the beauty of the ending lines.
God Bless, I did n’t mean’ that ‘ way. 
Enjoy, it is your day!
I mean “Birthday” !
We will catch up with you back 11.5.2016-I mean the ‘Birthday’. 
May God Bless You!
To, Sir With our Love
From, Us All

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