Shashi Tharoor


Shashi does write very well. He is one of my best favorite writer.At some point our thinking, our liking and our views meet. Ours is me & him.Our outlook too sounds a bit symmetrical.I like to have his talent,his well groomed intellect. But, Shashi Tharoor is him and  I am not him.I remembered him when I realised, work was making me not only crazy, addicted and the same time very cut off from reality. I mean, one thing if doesn’t go my way, I develop hang over and go obsessed over that one incomplete thing.

I took out my buddy,Shashi’s writings.Thinking about what makes me feel really happy and revived is that his schedule and responsibilities might be stiffer than mine. But,he makes time for every thing.

How do you do it Shashi? You are simply amazing.I mean writing,Shashi.


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