पंचवर्षीय योजना & our ‘Sonu’



I usually sit quietly soaking in the joy of being the part of Infiniti team.

Oh yeah, we enjoy ourselves quite officially & highly professionally.


let’s say for example, Sonu happily and zealously treads the tight rope

coordinating with teams & our clients.

It is fun to see his soft mumblings behind his breath…

usually to himself.

When he enjoys his own company at times.

( Ed-All of us retire to ourselves at times to charge our batteries!)

पंचवर्षीय योजना – is his favourite chime when he wonders the delay as a

team,if ever we are causing to his project.

Or the clients are hounding him for completion of some project.

We all love fiercely our, Sonu.

Efficient,Talented & Always Amused with things around,  Sonu.

(Ed-Hope he would not read it.)

Wait, today lot more to say before we leave :

Vishal Sir’s Wedding Anniversary. We must wish him-


( Toast to companionship, Sir/Ma’am)

Dr.Rupali C Sant has joined us in Infiniti Connect team  reporting line to Dr Madhvendra Singh,we must welcome her.

Dr Rupali.jpg

(Welcome on Board,Docs)

Done for today,here.

Are we?

You too can connect with us, if you like :






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