Intolerance -With/ By/ Whom?



You just said it today, Mr. Kapoor,”Why as a country we have tolerance for more dire issues rather than bothering with Awards returned as a mark of protest against increasing intolerance?” You have a blooming point there.

Frankly speaking  we seem having taken most of the things in our stride. Be it the Poverty, the Mal nourishment, Begging , Farmer suicides or there shall be so many other things you all know as my fellow country men that can add up to the list and still keep us patient & tolerant amazingly.

We could almost reflect in the manner that what is our definition for the term ‘intolerance.’

I think, isn’t it high time we open our eyes to concerning sensitive issues & come out collectively and determined to address them through our effort & positive energies minus any set mind set towards the problems?

Lot can be gained thus, if we set our mind on tackling the issues than making things an agenda,trend or lime lite for that to say.Issues go out of sight when issues crop over them clouding the horizon.

What is your thought on this?


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