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Gentleness is a Genteel trait

Many a times, I have wondered and thought it to myself what exactly the gentleness in life means. Nope, it is not submission or an omission, it is purely how we want to perceive the matter, how we want to … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions!

Well, I am sitting surrounded with a huge list of new year resolutions.But, would I really get somewhere with them? I doubt. Life is spontaneous enough, you do not go planned way after a while.It just becomes a well organised … Continue reading

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Free Basics- Did I miss on something?

Well, again the tide is in opposite direction to exactly what my thoughts were till yesterday. I was fighting tooth & nail to say what I said. Now, again I went back to Times of India column of the day … Continue reading

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Time to launch the website of an Indian heavyweight

This week we shall be unveiling the website of an Indian mechanical conglomerate. We have done a lot of research and hard work on it and we are certain that our efforts will see the dawn. Though it wasn’t supposed … Continue reading

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Free Basics

I was just curious to go into further details as to really what ‘Free Basics’ was . Today’s Times of India’s Mark Zuckerberg column simply made me a bit enlightened. He does make a point here that why internet access is … Continue reading

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Time is drifting past away

I am standing, Sheer looking , And it is nowhere to be trailed. Time-Is always  on move. And much difficult to give a chase.         

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Wish you a Merry Christmas !

  Generosity is His name ,  Fun & Joy is His trade.  Hope is His message.  Universal fraternity, His trait. He is the Master of Disguise,  Children for whom do crave. Festivity is in air,  Santa Is On way We … Continue reading

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