What it is to be ‘celebrity’?

Ji Mantriji


Above you are seeing three of my favorite characters from ‘ Ji Mantriji’ – our Indian version of ‘Yes Prime Minister’.

Adventures of Surya Prakash Singh, well-meaning but comically inept Minister of Administrative Affairs, as he grapples with situations that arise seemingly out of nowhere, and attempts vailantly to combat the machinery unleashed on him by the Secretary of the Department , IAS Mathur  & Personal Secretary Kaul.

A hilarious look at what actually goes on in the corridors of power and behind the closed doors. I escape into a different world with them around.

You must also figure it out for yourself , ‘The Diaries of Surya Prakash Singh’ is a sheer delight to read.

You would definitely agree.

Drop a note to Pranshu or me, what you liked extensively in the plot. My all time favorite would be Mathur, oh God! the way he has Bureaucratic theory for everything. Just, my type. Diligently complex & yet simple.







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