Sunday is the day, that is chirping with life…Bumping into Me.

Interesting & Majestic. I just walk in our office and life is ushering in radiance & glow, actually for me it is day as usual, full of wandering around  & of course I like dropping by at my work station-odd times, odd days and spending hours altogether just doing nothing actually else than thinking it this way, the best way to be.

Set them free, they would keep coming..
Set them free, they would keep coming..

Nope, this is different today, Dr Madhvendra Singh and his team is here already. They are conducting  Skype interviews. Oh no! his team is self-sufficient and adequately trained to handle this all by themselves. I can actually happily read & chill over Tea & Cookies, which is my favorite pastime. This is the problem, we at Infiniti face. Team wants to show up even on off days, as if this is their morning dose of happiness.

Wait, I think Dr is shouting for me. I should attend to his instructions if any .(He just might be looking out for his Tea.) You guys!  Have a great day ahead, I can continue with my wandering.

Meanwhile, drop us a note at some point of the day if you thought, Sunday is the day to celebrate, to try out something different as I did today.


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