How the cosmo global world operates amazingly!

Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism

I am also strange at times. Oh! Please come on . I was trying to sort out the Creative work Catalogues and idiot I am, I wanted to pet every Creative , the team made till date. They all sounded pretty beautiful to me. This above one, I don’t know why I got so hooked it. May be the script!

See, one thing is clear that the world is actually shrinking.We are almost living in a large courtyard, family like, And in this process, we do exchange commodities, comforts, certain luxuries & of course the necessities.Who had thought, India would be a medical tourism destination? I remember, during my childhood I used to be amazed visiting plush hospitals and now the grand thing is that with globalisation & medi claim insurance and of course awareness, we all do avail good medical services and can stretch the bandwidth even to Western & Mid East countries.See, didn’t I tell you, I spend too much of time reading between the lines.

This Creative actually made me think: Changing times with the changed times.


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