The Alpha Team

Good evening!

As an accomplished Tuesday meets a fruitful conclusion, we all are left with a customary emotion of fulfilment and contentment. Most of us are a bit weary but are contented nevertheless with the fruitful conclusion of the day’s trying circumstances and are more than just geared to take on tomorrow with a renewed vigour and zeal. Perhaps the best part of being a part of a well-organized team is that we all are simply the best in whatever we do.

We are still nascent as an organization and it would take quite an appreciable amount of time to get our name etched in the zeniths but we are willing to walk the distance to cross the bridge. We are akin to an army of zealous recruits from all wakes of life, and not necessarily of the same, under the able marksmanship of Mr. Vishal Tiwari (CEO, C-Infiniti) – our General who has weathered many a storms in his professional stance. Though it would be quite an arduous task to fathom the intensity of his genius, yet the instigator of this post would like to humbly state that it is his sunny disposition to brew and hone unfounded talent that usually takes the cake. The way he confides in himself to take up the precarious course of action to zero-in and nurture a latent capacity is unrivalled in the truest sense of word.

Once someone has gone past the selection process, they are supposed to consistently live up to his code but no matter how many times they bump, botch or budge; he is always there with his signature candidness to smooth out the wrinkles. No wonders, we all work with his sundrenched demeanour and deliver our best, shot per shot.

The Workforce@C-Infiniti has been a colourful ‘rangoli’ that holds its weight in gold due to two main reasons:

  • The workforce characterizes a workplace and dictates the culture there.
  • Assorted colours, flavours and fragrances in terms of aptitude, previous work experience and outlook towards one’s life turn each of us unique in our own aspect.

We all have been subjected to varying academic and professional understandings and conclusions therein yet this hasn’t ever made us obtuse to each other’s thoughtfulness. Every day, we afford to be ourselves and still assume the psyche of the winner among us somewhat like into an uncontainable fluid that is quick to assimilate the innate dimensions of the vessel that is poured into. We appreciate and celebrate each other’s success because that’s precisely the way it is supposed to be. As an integral part of this glorious workplace and unparallel workforce myself, I believe that it is quite an appreciable deal of a triumph, under any inference under the sun.

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