Free-lancers too have a scope with us.

Usually, these are the people who are a talented lot.They have sometimes creativity that was not possible to be bound in 9:00 to 5:00 scheme of things.Their bubbling energy was difficult to be constrained to the time-lines.They are the people who could be vouched for when the need arose and work-pressure got too much for our own teams to balance.

At Infiniti Communications, we respect the free-lancers who religiously devote time with us at some or the other point whether to help the Admin or at times to chip in with their creative inputs in our day-to-day on going projects.Of course, there has to be a variety and lot talent thrown in when you are looking out for quality-product  in our Industry.

We keep ourselves at par with the times because creativity can’t miss out on any variations which actually could enhance & enrich the end product. We are committed to innovate and enrich the field we serve to.

And, yes if you are a free lancer, and if you wanted to work with us/for us. Just drop a mail at


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