Client-Servicing is our strength. In ‘Shalini’ is our strength.

Of course at Infiniti Communications,we understand that the perfection is a quintessential. And a perfection is also always to be very well-defined. There is a charm about it, there is a way to go about it, there is an approach that binds it together alright.

Intelligence and sharp mind, Shalini has who joined us on board today in the Client-Servicing team. Her greatest asset is her background in Research & Analytics.Soft-spoken,cultured and well brought-up, she has wide experience in marketing & communications to bring along. And naturally, she loves traveling next to her work-profile which makes it still further more interesting & relevant to her personality which comes across a perfect balance between intelligence & her hospitable nature.

Ms.Shalini Jain
Ms.Shalini Jain

At Infiniti, it is very important that our people express themselves very well,it is as well very important to us that our people have diverse interests so that they see the things which the other person so far has not yet been able to see through.

After all, nothing is something which can not be achieved.

You too can be part of our team. Mail us at


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