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A Note to my Teacher

Dear Teacher, I have come a long way after we parted.Those were the times while growing up, in my mature years I could just vaguely but sanely recollect nobody but you. As a shy child, I was always at loss … Continue reading

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Look to the skies for an inspiration

Explore the skies, they need to as well tell their side Put a bounce in your steps, Just look ‘but’ towards the extremes. Infinite are the skies, Skies in the Infinite. Just a bit to be ‘there’. To Be the … Continue reading

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Art Is Immortal, So is the artist in all of us

Masters in the well versed art of heart. Heart of souls. Soul of hearts. Humble to core. Heart of souls. Soul of hearts. कविताओं के छंद , मुक्तक में प्रेरित है , कुछ कवितायें शब्दरहित है। “समझ में आता है … Continue reading

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Naturally & Natural

There would always be options to explore, If the ‘options’ were there. ‘Nature’ might always be there to support: the resourcefulness, the resources and the beauty in its ‘extreme’. But for that ‘nature’ has to be left to be itself … Continue reading

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हार्दिक शुभकामनायेँ

पवित्रता है, एक बंधन है … अटूट है, स्नेहमयी है …… हाँ ,यही है… ” रक्षा बंधन ‘ का सुखद अवसर , हमारी हार्दिक शुभकामनायेँ !” There is a color in every thread of hope.

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Not Alone,Never Alone with effective HR’s on scroll

Day 1: A : Please,can I do it for you? (No answer received.) A : Can I do it this way? (Again, the cluelessness.Silence at other end.) At this point,’A’ can’t claim ‘B’ has any hidden agenda. He might be … Continue reading

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Sonu completed One year today with us

You have just become so much ‘unbelievably’ One of us.  That we have become much ‘effortless’ to feel you around.      That happens to all the Dear Ones: They are there, just like soul & spirit of being One.  … Continue reading

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