Beasts & Beautiful.

Natural Grace & Powerful Presence.
Natural Grace & Powerful Presence.

The above  was really very beautiful picture story in national newspaper today describing how beautifully the life connects when it comes to having bonds with the nature.

Small write ups on these beasts in their full beauty & splendor couldn’t be given a skip. There are instances when people visit one of the many natural conservation parks and with them stories travel if they had been able to catch a glimpse of T-39 or T-12 for that. Anybody who has been the part of  that exchange of conversation shall be able to connect with the enthusiasm with which the stories are shared.

Like many of us shall remember, T-24 was in recent controversy and was relocated.Absolute beauty of the matter is that people connect with these kings & queens of the forest calling them pet names and counting on them like any one of themselves. Anything that goes on in their life, anything that happens in their life is almost absorbed by us all outsiders too.

There are narrations about them with the safari guides who exactly have interesting bits to talk about involving these jungle beauties.

Nature simply blooms under the swell of its own creation. Isn’t it? We are blessed that it shares its some of the heritage so lavishly with us.

Inspired by this piece of story, few of our team-members thought that they might like to take a break at Sariska Tiger Reserve, some time soon. Isn’t this too amazing?


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