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Simplicity & Smile

Good at figures,  Great at heart.  Always occupied.  Our Singing ‘Mozart.’ Meet Rahul, he is the guy we adore in Admin & Accounts. To know more about us , browse Advertisements

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40th anniversary of the Emergency-India & every Indian would like to forget.

India is  Democratic, Republican  country.  Every Indian has a mind of its own.  India breathes freely,  with its priorities that define its  aura.  ‘We’ suffer together,  ‘We’ rise together,  ‘We’ walk together,  We ‘live & die’ together  but with dignity, … Continue reading

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Creation & Creator-The Woman.

In her Completeness , she is Absolute . In her Absoluteness , she is Solitude . In her Solitude , she is still Complete . for her solidarity among all these three: Completeness , Absoluteness , Solitude . Combine these … Continue reading

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These are the people,  who bring in with them the precise ‘Art’ & an accurate  ‘Expression.’ We can say,  a touch.  Yes….! They are called ‘Designers.’  We have in our team,  a few of them, who have learnt through heart,  … Continue reading

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North East India -A delight to be!

India has a lot to offer in terms of people, culture and of course natural scenery. From the hilly terrains of Jammu & Kashmir to Meghalaya, Shillong it gets amazingly beautiful. Just have a look above, won’t you agree? You … Continue reading

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You are sooo beautiful!

Literally, and literarily both. Nature, is always natural. flowered with life, branched amongst, simplest life delights. PRESERVE NATURE, STAY CLOSE TO NATURE.

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These are the people they see choreography in most ordinary things: A butterfly; the blue sky; An old man; little-cute-boy. A street fruit-seller; or a beggar. The list could go increasing altogether. All the things, talk to them. These Photographers.  … Continue reading

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