Lawrence of Arabia –World War One Centenary Commemoration of the Tradition, Bravery, Sacrifice and Gallantry of the Indian Soldier

No war can be ever so complete unless or until there is a bit of intelligence thrown into façade. During the World War One, there was this character – a British Intelligence Officer, T.E.Lawrence who actually had Indian connections later.

Back on the Front of World War One, Allies were fighting against a shadowy enemy who was smarter than they, who was always on the lookout for a chance to get even with the opportunities that arose for them to accommodate.

Saudi Arabia was a difficult terrain with practically no access to roads or modern warfare.

In comes, the Lawrence of Arabia with his excellent intelligence tactics and rustic Bedouin charms. It is said that he had the way with Arab hearts who would never trust just so easily, they had but discipline problems and they did go a different path than staying as good as to their soldier vows. Lawrence read deep into it. He became one of them and rest was history. 


Lawrence-of-Arabia Guerilla Warfare


A myth, a reality, an enigma and a genius.  A scholar of History, connoisseur of Military tactics, a negotiator, an inside outsider. An extra-ordinary force. He was the Intelligence Department, so complete in his own and his affinity with Arabs was genuine.  He was reporting to Arab GHQ.Casual but a smart British Intelligence Officer.


With him, came the action and images of loaded armored camels blowing up the Trains carrying Turks along the river periphery. I believe, he was an image to reckon with. There are stories about him that he gained such a tactic with blowing up the bridges, that the blown up bridge structures would stay intact after and Turks shall spend hell lot time dismantling them.

Some think, he might be a myth but he was truly  “the Lawrence!”



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